Homeros Tokenomics

The Homeros Foundation will be expanding Ecosystem onto Binance Smart Chain and Minting 2 billion HMR (BEP-20) tokens


Homeros Foundation is expanding its ecosystem onto the Binance Smart Chain, minting 2 billion HMR (BEP-20) tokens while reducing the total supply from 10 billion to 4 billion. Then the total supply will be 2 billion HMR ERC-20 tokens and 2 billion HMR BEP-20 tokens.

Approximately 8 billion HMR (ERC-20) tokens have been effectively removed from circulation, and their access has been restricted through a smart contract lock placed on these 10 wallets.

It is not possible to burn these tokens as a burn contract was not created during the minting of HMR ERC-20 tokens. The Homeros Foundation chose to hold/lock these tokens in these wallets to reduce the total supply of HMR and manage token inflation. This will facilitate the expansion of the Homeros ecosystem onto BSC. The Homeros Foundation commits to notify the community if HMR tokens are minted on other chains, and the total supply will not exceed the original 10 billion tokens.


Total 2,000,000,000

User Rewards and Growth Fund
Marketing & Partnerships
Treasury Reserves
Ecosystem Growth
Development, Operations, Initial Liquidity